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Why just spreading awareness is only the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement

In this post I will just assume that everyone has already got some basic knowledge about the BML protests due to all of the informative posts going around on social media at the moment and all of the other media coverage. So you are curious about why going to a protest and sharing informative posts on social media isn’t enough? Great I am happy you are reading because I LOVE diving into this topic.

It is AWESOME because without raising awareness how are people who are experiencing privilege supposed to know that are issues like this are actually happening? Or how are victims who are experiencing racism supposed to know that there are people who are willing to stand by them and try to understand + acknowledging their experiences?

So if you have shared some posts around you are incredible but do not give up yet because it is just the beginning. This is just the beginning though because when looking at history the first step in any revolution is to unveil the truth. After this is done, individuals have the ability to change because they now know something that they did not before and based on this awareness will be more likely to choose their actions more carefully. For example people who did not know what a bystander is before now are aware. So in future situations they will know not to take the position of being a bystander by watching injustice occur without stepping in to defend a victim. 

Once this is done then the next step is to create change on a bigger scale within organisations, communities, political groups and cultural or religious groups. In history no revolution would’ve been possible without social pressure within the media (think women’s rights movements). If there is a big enough outcry among the public, then this puts a lot of pressure in political systems and often as a result new policies are made to shut the public up and keep them happy to stop all the noise. In Australian history an example of this is the “Close The Gap Policy” where the aim was to reduce the amount of disadvantage First Australians experienced in comparison to white Australian’s. But it still, does not stop here. While it is great to get to this level of change it is still not enough. In regards to this specific example, this policy was pointless because it was made without the input of any First Australian individuals themselves. It was kind of like putting a band aid over a wound that needed stitches just to keep the injured individual quiet and be able to say “I tried my best, you cant say I didn’t try now lets cut out all of the noise”. 

So in regards to this black lives matter movement, communities need to keep pushing and putting pressure on meso systems until new policies and laws are made since the current ones do not seem to be working. This can only happen if people keep spreading awareness on WHAT THE PRBOLEMS ARE from the disadvantage groups perspective and if people unite and TAKE ACTION. An example could be to start signing petitions and lodging them to the relevant parties to call for action. Words do not work anymore, seeing speeches on the TV from police officer x, y and z saying that they are sorry for this and sorry for that but then not showing action to follow through on the apologies is just pointless. The problem is not officer x, y and z it is the system itself and that is what needs to change. These two steps combined then lead to step three, which will involve entire nations being changed due to the implementation of new laws that do not disadvantage minorities. 

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