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What are Akashic records and why do people want to access them?

The akashic records are described by esotericists and mystics as a compilation of all human events, collective knowledge, feelings, terms, emotions and purpose ever to occur in the past, present or future in theology and anthroposophy

(Bacheman, 1973; gaynor, 1953). Having knowledge stored from the past, present and future in one place tends to confuse a lot of people when diving into the Akashic Records. Many physicists claim that the distinction between past, present , and future is just a persuasive illusion. Throughout history, prominent figures such as Albert Einstein have made similar arguments, from Antiphon of Greece of the 5th century to the modern physicist Steven Hawking. Hindu, Buddhist, Kabbalistic, and Occult teachings all contend that the human imagination produces an illusion of time as outlines by Koss (2010). 

In simple terms the Akashic records are considered to be a documentation of your soul journey from the moment you first emerged from source until you returned to source, (Watson, 1991, p.6). It retains not only human interactions, but also animals , plants, minerals, and natural phenomena as well  as emphasised by Levin (2019). In various separate faiths, such as early Buddhism for example, as emphasised by Olcott (1881), this same concept is taught around.

The word Akasha is a Sanskrit term and it was introduced in theosophy by Blavantsky (1831-1891) and it derives from a form of science called pseudoscience. Theosophists believe that it is written into a non-physical plane of life known as the etheric sphere. Books have been written about akashic records by authors like Alfred Sinnett (1883), Deepak Chopra, M.D. (2014) and many others. There are eyewitness accounts, but there is no empirical proof of the Akashic records’ existence yet. This comes to my surprise because in 1980 a strategic warfare evaluation was conducted by John B. Alexander titled ‘The New Mental Battlefield’ whereby a Soviet project was developed to gather military intelligence during the Cold War through the use of paranormal technologies. It was suggested that this method involved the use of accessing knowledge stored within the Akashic records. The use of paranormal technologies being used as a means of warfare has been recognised since 1979 as evident in Research report “Psychic Warfare: Exploring the Mind Frontier.” Statements from McKelvy raise many questions about psychic warfare, for example:

“Man’s greatest potential remains a prisoner of man. Vast untapped mental capabilities create an entirely new battlefield dimension which, if ignored, pose a threat to self and country more serious than nuclear weapons. This threat starts from within. Our fears and cynical attitudes towards psychic capabilities make us our own worst enemies” (McKelvy, 1988, p. iii)

These questions of course, are understandable. This is because there may be risks, as noted, involved in visiting the Akashic realm, both moral and physical, but not travelling there may be just as risky. Our national security, for one instance, can be threatened. 

This akashic realm sometimes referred to as the “field of zero points.” Just a small few have the power to discern the distinction between an earthly experience and an akashic record experience, such as a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, shaman, past life regression practitioner or intuitive hypnotherapist. It is suggested by Rubik & Jabs in ‘The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy’ (Vol. 14, Issue 2, 2018) that in order to exercise abilities like telepathy it is mandatory to access information from the Akashic archives.

Any average Joe possesses the ability to access these records and this process is not considered as difficult. You can see a qualified practitioner who has a lot of practical experience assisting people to reach this plane, such as those mentioned above, but by mediation, astral projection or any other method that feels more natural and beneficial for you, you can still obtain access. After accessing these records it is up to you how you choose to utilise this valuable tool in your life. Bloggers such as Ralph Smart say that the secret to “becoming your greatest version” is through accessing these archives.

He discusses how it is important to become conscious of these documents because “everything we do now echoes into eternity.” I think this is a very interesting statement because every faith preaches the same message, whether old or modern. In Buddhism everyone’s actions in the present are important because of their karmic imprint and ability to access Nirvana. In Christianity it is important because they believe that it will determine each individual’s outcome on judgement day. Likewise in Islam when Allah weighs out each individual’s sins and actions on judgement day too and the list could go on. 

It’s overlapping concepts and beliefs like this that remind me that all religions actually have the same end purpose in mind (whether traditional or not), only with varying perspectives on what God or heaven looks like to them and with different ways on pursuing the same goals. I have always been a big believer that all religions refer to the same God ever since I could form my own thoughts. The more sacred saints, angels, scriptures, approaches, principles, values and ethics I seem to hear about, the more I see how many of them overlap. It makes me wonder why there is so much division among us and why traditional religions strongly condemn New Age Spirituality practises as they are all strongly motivated by unconditional love and integrity-based actions/beliefs/principals.

Other bloggers like Teal Swan suggest that certain individuals might want to view Akashic archives to obtain insight into their past lives and see how their karmic loop of past life impacts their present lives to gain further insight. Magazines like the Yogic Herald Magazine (2019) suggest that people might want to know past life knowledge in order to maintain equilibrium through to clear up historical karma. Similarly, others may decide to tap into all their knowledge of their past lives to develop a deeper understanding of their purpose in this world. While up on the astral dimension, some might choose to do a full body healing, while many others might use it in order to communicate with their higher selves, soul family, or spirit guides. In conjunction with this some might want to gain knowledge about why things are the way that they are in this universe. The possibilities are endless. 

The Yogic Herald Magazine article from 22 Feb (2019) titled “How to use the power of the akashic records to create your best year yet” highlights how there are individuals like Jennifer Longmore who devote their life to educating people how to reach the Akashic archives with the purpose of trying to create progress on a greater scale within society. According to this article Longmore is the developer of the world’s largest Akashic Record Training School and has taught more than 100,000 students in 100 + nations how to access this ancient instrument for insight, healing and manifestation. 

I personally have experienced accessing these records through a series of guided past life regressions from a certified practitioner and found these experiences to be a very liberating. In doing so I was able to grow tremendously as an individual, widen my perspectives, access higher knowledge, engage in full body healing and more. What would be your main intentions behind accessing your akashic records if you chose to do so?

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