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What is the aura

You hear the word ‘aura’ often and know that everyone has one but you can’t see it so you are a bit suspicious… Don’t worry we have all been there. So what is it? Just like chakras, an aura makes up our energetic dimension. Imagine a transparent yet colourful bubble surrounding us, with a width of roughly 2 metres around us. All of our feelings, imbalances and energetic attachments will also be in this bubble too, and that is what causes its colours and brightness to change. Some people can see auras themselves while others can view them through Kirlian photography. Understanding the correlation between an aura and healing is important because a lot of metaphysical research suggests that unhealthy energetic bodies can be the cause of unhealthy physical bodies too. Below I will dive in to the different kind of energetic bodies we have. 

Firstly we need to understand that every single animal and person on the planet has an aura and that it is made up of 7 energy bodies. The first layer is closest to the physical body and it is called the Etheric Body. It is important because it transports life into our muscles, tissues and bones. The colour of this first layer is a greyish blue.

The second layer is responsible for bridging together the body and mind. It is called the Emotional body and can come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet. The colours will depend on what emotions you are feeling at the time. If you are trying to suppress certain emotions then this can manifest physical imbalances. 

While it is healthy to experience all emotions and let them flow through us, it is unhealthy for our energy bodies if we experience a certain negative emotion for too long because negative thoughts can arise as a result and this can impact our behaviour. If you hold on to these negative thoughts then they begin to consume your mind and you can become addicted to getting into the habit of thinking about these negative thoughts. This is bad because what could have been a simple passing thought can then turn into a habit and in turn this can influence your behaviour and overall view of the world. 

A bit confused? Its ok I will give an example. Imagine driving home from work and being cut off by the driver in front of you and then nearly getting into an accident because of this inconsiderate action. If you let the road rage pass then you may experience anger for about 5 minutes maximum and then you will move on with your life. However if you hold on to this thought then you will keep replaying the situation in your mind over and over again, and this will keep triggering the anger that you felt in that moment. 

By constantly thinking about how bad that driver was and how dangerous that situation could have been, you are now only focused on those two things so you may start to only notice bad drivers and potential car accidents since this is all you are fixated on. In turn, you may start to look out for dangerous situations in general because you are now in the habit of thinking about danger and bad drivers. This could then alter your behaviour in many ways but the main point is that clinging onto a certain negative emotion for too long may be unhealthy for your well-being, and can impact other aspects of your life too. It only takes 28 days for your brain to form a habit (assuming you are consistent). So if you are naturally a pessimistic thinker and you practice positive affirmations everyday for 28 days then your brain will form a whole new area in the brain dedicated just for positive thinking patterns and the more you practice this habit, the more embedded it becomes into your memory. This means that it will be hard to forget this habit, as it will soon become second nature. If you are inconsistent with it however then it may take longer to form this habit. 

The third energetic layer is called the Mental Body and it captures our thought energy. It radiates the strongest near the head and shoulders and it is yellow in colour. If you go to get an aura photograph you will definitely be able to capture whatever is on your mind in this body. Having your thoughts become a part of your energetic body is very serious business and this is why it is so important to try your best to think positive thoughts about yourself and others (obviously there is an exception for moments that you are letting negative emotions flow through you).  

Next is the Astral body, which is the fourth layer. It is pink in colour and represents our relationships and astral chords. This energetic body connects to the heart chakra as well so if you experience immense sadness then this can disrupt this layers vibration. 

The fifth layer is the Etheric body, which represents the physical body blueprint, the identity and personality. It is linked to the throat chakra so energy flows well in this layer when you are staying true to your inner self. There are a wide range of colours that can be seen in this body.

Next is the sixth layer called the Celestial body. It is linked to our third eye and it connects us to the divine, angels and spiritual communication. The energy in this layer is often pearly white in colour and it is where unconditional love flows. 

Lastly the seventh layer is called the Ketheric body and it is gold in colour. It stretches out just under a metre away from the physical body and represents our universal higher self. It is linked to the crown chakra and it vibrates on the highest frequency out of all the other layers. 

Ok so you understand what layers make up an aura now what? Well now that you know this information you can begin to understand why it is important to cleanse your aura and what techniques you could use. As mentioned in my previous posts energy is transferable meaning that you can not only have your own energy disrupting your aura, but you can also have the energy of others trapped inside your energetic bodies. This is why it is important to cleanse your aura of any energetic gunk that may be trapped there. This gunk could be causing you to feel emotions or thoughts that are not actually yours otherwise. You can do this by using a Selenite or Kyanite crystal rod over your aura. It is typically best to start at the top of your head by your crown chakra and move towards the bottom of your feet towards your root chakra in a smooth, comb-like motion. You should keep the rod around 1 metre away from your body or more if you can so that you can include your whole aura. To decide which parts of the aura need more attention use your intuition. You may notice that some parts change in temperature (for example hot or cold) and this could indicate that you need to spend more time in that section. There are many ways to do this however this is just my personal favourite way. 

If you notice that you are cleansing yourself often but still feel excessive amounts of gunk coming in then using protective crystals like labradorite, black tourmaline and black onyx will help deflect any negativity from attaching to you. In combination with this you could also cut energetic chords with people you encounter who you feel drain your energy. I will write more about this in my next post. 

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