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So what are energetic chords?

So what are energetic chords? Think of them as long sticky vines and imagine being a tree. If you are amongst other trees then it is inevitable for trees that grow vines to eventually have their vines wrap around your tree. These other trees among you could have vines that flower, some of these vine flowers may be non-toxic so when the vines wrap around you, you don’t mind so much. Others however may have vines that become poisonous when they flower. For example a vine that flourishes into corpse flowers. If you do not know much about corpse flowers they got their name from the strong stench that they let out, which happens to smell like dead bodies. They let out this scent to attract flies to pollenate them and they are highly toxic for animals. So with the second type of vine, while you may be friends with that tree that has poisonous vines (metaphor for energetic chords). But you might also acknowledge the fact that those vines are not good for your overall-wellbeing so you might decide that you want to cut off the vine attachment but still remain friends with that tree. In other examples this tree may be your enemy and these vines may be wrapped around you with intent to destroy your ability to grow your own vines. 

If you can envision this scenario then you can begin to understand the concept of energetic ties. The overall point of the metaphors is to get you to see that you can cut energetic ties with those who you love and still have a strong connection to them. When might you want to do this? An example could be if you have an over-protective family member who is only this way because they really care about you. You can cut the chord that is associated with all of their fears and worries so that you do not have to bare the burden of experiencing these feelings (which are not yours to feel) but you can keep all of the other chords where unconditional love is shared. Another example could be having a close friend who admires you to such an extent that they may get jealous at times because they cannot do things the way you do or they do not have what you have whether it be physically, materialistically or internally. This is surprisingly a very common scenario and while this friend may love you, these feelings of jealousy could quickly turn into negative psychic attacks. Common examples of these attacks could be when someone cusses you out for being so pretty. Or if someone says that they hate people like you who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. There can be a whole range of examples but you get the point. It’s important to remember that when you cut chords you can never cut a chord that is filled with positive energy. Only chords that are radiating negative energy can be cut when you put out this request so do not be alarmed. 

It is also important to keep in mind that energy can be transferred very easily so it is nothing to lose sleep over. It happens to us all the time. It can be as simple as thinking how much you cant stand your enemy and why you dislike them, by doing this you are sending out a negative psychic attack. This is why it is so important to try your best to focus on manifesting positivity into all aspects of your life. It is also handy to surround yourself with people who make you feel happy so that you are not unintentionally sending out negative energy towards other people. Once you send out a chord of energy to someone this is not just a one-way street, this chord means energy can be passed back and forth between you two. So if you are thinking badly about your enemy and cussing about them, the chances are that they will be sending the exact same energy back so it is best to just surround yourself with people who lift you up and release the need to hold grudges. 

Within saying that, there can also be some cases where people are intentionally sending you negative energy and it can be really hard to distinguish the difference between the two sometimes. This is why it is good to get into the habit of cutting all lower vibrating energetic ties between you and those around you on the regular. You never know which enemy could be camouflaging in your inner circle. After all, the greatest betrayals in history all come from those who were once closest. 

There are so many ways to cut energetic chords however my personal favourite involves calling upon Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is a saint that is an angel who is omnipresent and he is referred to in most religions and new ageism rituals. The common theme in all scripts is that he provides protection against evil. When I am cutting energetic chords I like to say this:

“Dear Archangel Michael, I call upon you to please assist me in cutting off all lower vibrating energies, entities or energetic chords attached to me, that are not here for my best interest at heart. I ask that you please use your shield to protect me from these energies as I envision a bright gold light bubble around my aura. I now ask that as I roll these chords into a small ball if you can please help me bury them into the ground, to be sent for healing so they can be transmuted into love and light, before being let back out into the universe again. Thank you, Amen”. 

You can also say things like:

“I ask for this persons energy to be reverted back to them and for my energy to be returned back to me”

“Can you please use your sword to cut any negative energetic chords attached to me and protect me with your shield”

“I release any lower vibrating energies, entities or attachments from my aura”

And if you find that you are cutting chords frequently but know of a specific person who might be intentionally sending out negative attacks then you can envision a bright white bubble around this person. You can then imagine them standing in front of a mirror and envision that whatever energy they send out towards you hits this mirror first and deflects back towards themselves each time, so that you cannot be impacted. 

Another great archangel to call on is Archangel Metatron as he is one of the most powerful angels. Like Archangel Michael, he is also referred to in various religious and spiritual sources.

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