Self-Care Journal


This 30 Day Self-Care Journal has an abundance of unique exercises and tools that will assist you in creating a new routine that will support you along your journey to practicing better self-care to avoid burn-out and general feelings of exhaustion.



PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT. SCROLL TO THE END TO READ MORE. If there are any problems please contact me as I would love to ensure your experience is smooth and hassle free!

I have designed this 30 Day Self-Care Journal Challenge with the intentions of helping people who are in need of some self-love create a routine that works for them to make them feel cared for. It includes 96 pages and it is perfect for almost any occasion.

All too often we find ourselves dishing out so much love to our loved ones (as we should) however we might neglect ourselves in the process. This can lead to burn out and total self-neglect, which can really take a toll on our mental health.

This digital PDF journal document includes:
-Instructions on how to use it
-Explanation of self care benefits
-Explanation of positive affirmations
-Empirical evidence supporting the science behind positive affirmations
-Positive Affirmation examples
-Emotion chart to help with reflection
-A daily planner to help keep track of emotions, positive affirmations and ways to prioritise yourself
-Self-care games that help keep track of self-care activities that have already been completed
-Various workbook writing exercises to help with deep reflection
-FREE BONUS= 10 extra days worth of content + extra self-care activities and games at the end of the challenge

This journal would make the perfect gift for:
– Someone experiencing a break up/divorce
– Someone experiencing grief and/or mourning
– That one friend who always puts others before themselves
– Teenagers who are trying to get in touch with themselves
– People who are experiencing burnout
– Stressed co-workers
– Someone who has recently retired that is looking for a consistent routine
– Someone who is struggling with their mental health that needs some self-care prompts


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– This digital journal is for PERSONAL USE, whether in digital or physical form.
– You may not sell, re-sell, license, share or distribute these files, or claim any file or artwork/image as your own.


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