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How to raise your vibration instantly by using singing bowls?

For centuries music and audio has been utilised as an instrument to encourage healing within the mind, body and soul. One of the first tools made by humans to be used for this purpose are called singing bowls. They were thought to “originate from Himalayan fire cults of the 5thcentury BC and have since been used in various religious ceremonies, including shamanic journeying and meditation” according to Terwagne & Bush (2011). These mystical bowls make meditative and ethereal sounds when struck either at their surface or side with a mallet. The tone they create generates energy through vibrations and depending on the size of the drum, the frequency of the sound can vary. 

The vibration the bowls emit is said to restore fractured body , mind, and soul frequencies by harmonising the chakras and other body parts aligned with those chakras. Singing bowls come in many different shapes and sizes and are frequently used to encourage meditation and healing in religious and spiritual environments. Smaller bowls also produce a subtler sound whereas larger bowls sound heavier and denser.They are usually made of bronze alloy, which can be made up of copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel (Terwagne & Bush, 2011). Other bowls can be made from quartz crystals and these are referred to as crystal bowls. 

It is said that these bowls transmit grounding, centering and clearing energy. The binaural beats within the vibrations are said to “propel the brain into brainwave states of deep relaxation or even meditative or trance-like brainwave states” (Terwagne & Bush, 2011). Another study conducted by Allen and Shealy (2005) published in the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal found that crystal singing bowls resulted in the “electrodermal responses of forty acupuncture meridian points on participants’ left hands and right feet.” This suggests that listening to crystal singing bowls can influence energetic patterns in the body, as measured through the acupuncture Meridans by the Asyra.  

It found the results of toning in the non-dominant hand and non-dominant foot Meridans were strongest. In other words it is said to cause the left and right side of the brain to synchronise together. This can be concluded because ninety per cent of people are dominant in their right side of the body; and well-coordinated right-hand individuals often have a dominant left foot and these important results directly impact the body parts controlled by the brains right temporal gyrus (a large part that influences creativity). This region of the brain in musicians has been shown to be greater so the likelihood of toning or even the crystal bowl sounds triggering the brain’s HG sensor may offer intriguing possibilities for potential future research.

Musicians have been playing the rim of crystal glasses, or the glass harp since the 14thcentury, however historian scholars point to New Age music recordings from the 1970’s, when singing bowl popularity sharply started to rise. In modern times artists like Jhene Aiko integrate singing bowl therapy into music for the purpose of promoting inner peace. If you are curious about what this integration might sound like then search up her album ‘Chilombo’, and you will be able to hear the singing bowl frequencies used in the background of her songs. 

Activities such as yoga and other modes of meditation use singing bowls, as they have a magical capacity to bring peace and tranquilly to the listener. There is a study that was conducted by Goldsby, McWalters, and Mills (2016) that is published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine that found that a majority of the 62 participants found “a greater improvement in spiritual wellbeing” and “reduces feelings of tension, anxiety and depression. This study was important because heart disease, diabetes, addiction and mental health issues “have all been linked to stress and tension” therefore the findings suggest that the use of singing bowls could “be a huge benefit to human wellness and health.” 

There are many other studies that have been done on the benefits of using singing bowls. For example a study was conducted by Pigaiani, Casini, Bidin, Seghini & Cavanna (2016) on the psychological and physical benefits in cancer patients using Tibetan singing bowls. It concluded that this treatment is “feasible” in cancer patients due to its ability to “decrease anxiety, state of arousal, involuntary mental acvitity and induce a better adjustment to stress.” These results can be found in ‘Annals of Oncology’ (Volume 24, Supplement 4, page iv58). It is just a matter of looking for credible, evidence based studies to find the answers that you are looking for.

In Feng Shui singing bowls can be used as a cure and it is considered more powerful than the use of bells for clearing the energy in spaces. In Buddhism they are used to signal the beginning and the end of silent meditation cycles. Tibetan Buddhism has much of its tradition rooted in Shamanism, and because of this, cymbals of Tingsha are also used in ceremonial rituals to create unity with the environment’s nature spirits. I like to use singing bowls during meditation and I find this method convenient for instantly raising my vibration. Now that you know this information what are your thoughts on singing bowls? 

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