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How to improve your self-confidence

I touched earlier on improving self-confidence by getting into the habit of changing your thinking patterns. My other personal favourite method is to use daily positive affirmations for as long as you need to until you feel confident again. To do so, you first need to pin point what you are feeling insecure about so that you can work on it. There may be only 1 thing or there could be 10 things. For best results I think focusing on one thing at a time works best. SO this could mean that if you have 10 things it could possible take 10 months. It sounds like a long time but it will be so worth it in the end especially if the root of a number of your problems is from insecurity. An example of an insecurity could be that you are really self-conscious of your legs.

 You can then say affirmations like:

  • My legs are strong
  • I appreciate my legs because they get me places
  • I love how soft my legs are
  • I love the skin tone on my legs
  • I love the muscles in my legs

If you feel like the affirmations you have chosen for your insecurity do not truly resonate with you then you can play around with the words until they feel right however I would advise to just keep saying them regardless. There is a book called ‘The Spirit of Water: The hidden message for all of us’ by Lawrence Ellyard that I really recommend if you suffer with low confidence. This book discusses a MINDBLOWING study that was done on water and how positive, negative and neutral affirmations impact the DNA structure of water. This study is really important because the human body is made up mostly of water so the findings from this study are a direct link to us as humans and how much we benefit from talking positively to ourselves and to others too. 

Another thing to take not of is the fact that a lot of people have insecurities that run deeper than the physical body. I have personally had some awful experiences with people who are insecure around their own personality traits. For example shyness, poor communication skills, laziness, lack of passion or drive and many others and just like physical insecurities, these other ones are just as important to work on. We are all human so we all have our moments of insecurity at some point and that’s ok, but if these moments become permanant it really benefits you if you work on them. Insecurities can be the root cause of many problems in your life, so it will make life easier for you and others. It is also a horrible feeling to be on the receiving end of a lot of hate due to someone else’s insecurities. An example of this could be a naturally bubbly person who has well-rounded communication skills being put down by a shy and socially awkward person because they feel insecure about not having those desired traits. 

There are a lot of great positive affirmation meditations on YouTube, I highly recommend finding one that resonates with you and doing it everyday for a minimum of a month. At one point I had extremely low self-confidence and this is what helped me. Like I said though, every single person on the planet gets insecure at some point so it is normal to feel this way on occasions. I believe that consistently loving yourself whole-heartedly is the key to happiness. I also acknowledge though that there is no quick fix. Our confidence levels will inflate and deflate according to what is going on for us in our lives, so it will always be a work in progress and that is ok. 

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